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Track, Analyze and Estimate Your Green Card Application Status

Community of Green Card Applicants Collectively Sharing and Tracking Their Green Card Status
I-140 Forum
Subject Posted
I140 application for CTS (Cogn... 6 min ago
Any good EB1A/EB1B lawyer - fo... 7 min ago
Need help with Change of Emplo... 9 min ago
Immigration Reform is coming s... 17 min ago
EB1B profile review 29 min ago
EB2-NIW Nebraska (any receipt ... 29 min ago
Ad Bookmark: Sample Immigration Docs
profile evaluation for EB-1B p... 42 min ago
H.R. 392, Fairness for High Sk... 49 min ago
I140 Nebraska processing time ... 1 hr ago
I-140 Regular processing time ... 1 hr ago
H4 EAD Revocation rule 2 hrs ago
Instate tuition for H4 depende... 2 hrs ago
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I-485 Forum
Subject Posted
March 2018 VB Prediction 2 min ago
EB1C - Nebraska Service Center 2 min ago 11 min ago
March 2017 I-485 filers 13 min ago
EB3 I 2006 PDs Please gather h... 26 min ago
offtopic - WITCH salary hikes 33 min ago
Ad The Best NRE/NRO Bank Accounts
Case Transferred to NBC - Nove... 37 min ago
EB2-NIW I-485 Nebraska (any re... 49 min ago
May 2017 I 485 Filers Thread D... 53 min ago
September 2017 transfer from T... 56 min ago
Days since your RFER 56 min ago
August 2017 I-485 filers 1 hr ago
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I-765 (EAD) Forum
Subject Posted
Late Oct or early Nov EAD file... 6 min ago
Dependent has to be in US for ... 16 min ago
June Filers EAD 27 min ago 1 hr ago
H4 EAD, Job search. 2 hrs ago
Oct 17 - I765 filers Approval ... 3 hrs ago
Ad CoverAmerica-Gold: Best Visitors Insuran...
I765 - November - Application ... 3 hrs ago
H4 EAD Renewal Before 180 days... 3 hrs ago
Can Spouse work on EAD while E... 15 hrs ago
What’s going on with GC pred... 16 hrs ago
Incorrectly processed change o... 21 hrs ago
OPT Extension 1 day ago
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I-131 (Advance Parole) Forum
Subject Posted
Dependent has to be in US for ... 2 min ago
just got one copy of I512L 15 hrs ago
I-131 Approval Notice not rece... 23 hrs ago
Going to India on H1b with DUI 1 day ago
Traveling while EAD/AP renewal... 16 Jan
Advance parole processing time... 16 Jan
Ad CoverAmerica-Gold: Best Visitors Insuran...
I-131 fee. 15 Jan
travel to India with I-131 and... 13 Jan
H1 versus AP to re-enter US 12 Jan
a green card re-entry permit t... 12 Jan
Travel with I -131 12 Jan
AP for Kids - L2 visa expired ... 12 Jan
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Atlanta PERM Forum
Subject Posted
July 2017 Audit 35 min ago
April 2017 Audit 1 hr ago
Prevailing Wage Processing Tim... 2 hrs ago
August 2017 PERM cases 2 hrs ago
Today's Stats from DOL 2 hrs ago
Infosys GC 2017 3 hrs ago
Ad CoverAmerica-Gold: Best Visitors Insuran...
May 2017 Perm Audits 4 hrs ago
Time Frame to receive PERM Har... 14 hrs ago
Visa extension beyond 6 years ... 16 hrs ago
What are my chances? 20 hrs ago
September 2017 Perm Cases 20 hrs ago
May 2017 Perm Cases 20 hrs ago
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H-1B Forum
Subject Posted
SAVE System 5 min ago
H1B visa stamping vs Dropbox 18 min ago
H1 B Visa Transfer 23 min ago
H1B premium transfer in Califo... 1 hr ago
H1B Drop box @hyderabad 1 hr ago
Specialty Occupation RFE 1 hr ago
Ad The Best NRE/NRO Bank Accounts
F1 to H1B 2 hrs ago
Visa fee Validity 2 hrs ago
RFE at Deloitte h1B transfer -... 2 hrs ago
H1b extension processing time ... 2 hrs ago
Timeline for passport receipt ... 2 hrs ago
H1b extension processing time ... 3 hrs ago
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Sending Money to India? Find the best rates
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Answers from Immigration Lawyers
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Is it better to travel on my h1b visa or
15 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Andrew-Wilson Adding spouse as dependent with primary
15 Jan by Andrew M. Wilson
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Moving green card application category f
09 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Sevis did not get updated even after h1b
02 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Passport reissue during opt stem extensi
02 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
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PERM Tracker 24,704
EAD Tracker (I-765) 13,306
Advance Parole Tracker (I-131) 6,101
H-1B Tracker 16,646
OPT Tracker 5,334
US Citizenship Tracker 7,087
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Feedback & Suggestions
Subject Posted
Indian Passport Renewal CKGS New ... 1 day ago
H4 EAD Extension 15 Jan
URGENT : H4 EAD Help needed 12 Jan
L1B to L1A stamping - Is it eligi... 9 Jan
TX DPS refused to renew license d... 5 Jan
H1B Stamping in Hyderabad and pas... 31 Dec
EY H1B transfer query 29 Dec
Birlasoft gc policy 27 Dec
Change of Status (H1 to H4) and E... 18 Dec
Need Advice: Job Transfer From An... 13 Dec
H4 stamping without H1 stamping a... 12 Dec
F1 stamping in India 6 Dec
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