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People applying for Australian PR visas

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Posted by PriyaRao (8) 01 Feb 2016#1
I'm starting this thread for someone who's looking for an Immigration Lawyer (MARA AGENT) to represent their application for their Australia PR process.
You can always post your queries here and only if you want to have a lawyer or MARA agent to represent your case,then we will surely help you out with the details after reviewing your profile.

Please post all your queries if you need any help for the GSM category and as well as the subclass 457
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Posted by krupa29886 (2) 06 Jul 2016#2

My name is krupa and I want to apply for the PR of Australia. I am getting 70 points without IELTs and I am going to give IELTs exam in short time.. Kindly show me way how to apply and how to start process..
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Posted by itsme16may (1) 02 Sep 2016#3
Invitation to .. .. Skilled - Independent (subclass 189) visa Adverse information received

Hi All
I applied for PR under subclass 189 and got 70 point.
My son is 6 yrs old and has mild development issues, he still is unable to speak and is hyperactive. He has been diagnosed on spectrum.
He was analysed in Max by a psycholigist and she asked us a lot of question regarding his day to day activities, that we answered truthfully.

Now I recd a message from Immigration that says:

Invitation to comment on information for a Skilled - Independent (subclass 189) visa

Adverse information received

The letter confirms that "my son has been has been evaluated by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) and has been assessed as not meeting the health requirement for the grant of Skilled Independent (Permanent) (class SI) Skilled - Independent (subclass 189) visa."

The Medical Person Report says:
'The applicant has been assessed against Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4005 [see attached extract] for the period of a permanent stay in Australia.

The applicant does not satisfy sub-subparagraph PIC 4005(1)(c)(ii)(A) in Schedule 4 to the Migration Regulations.

The applicant is a 6 year old person with:

- Mild developmental delay.

..Form and Severity of the applicant's condition: The applicant is a child with mild developmental delay, from an unknown cause, and requires services to improve communication, cognition and social skills. Provision of services to a hypothetical person with the applicant's condition: A hypothetical person with this condition at the same severity as the applicant, would be likely to be to require community services, in the form of special education and disability support. This condition is likely to be Stable..

I consider that a hypothetical person with this disease or condition, at the same severity as the applicant, would be likely to require health care or community services during the period specified above.

These services would be likely to include:

Special education services

Commonwealth disability services

State disability services

Provision of these health care and/or community services would be likely to result in a significant cost to the Australian community in the areas of health care and/or community services."

I am getting my son treated from an Institute in US and he is improving considerably, he has started to develop speech, behaves properly in social situations, is able to do most of hist daily chores himself. He understand english vocabulary and indicates to us through facilitated communication all his needs. He follows commands.

The doc who evaluated him has suggested that I should submit a reply to immigration official and attach a copy of the assessment report which has is given to us by the US institute and alongwith that attach a undertaking saying that I will be bearing all the medical expenses of my son.
Now my question is:
1. What are th chances that our PR will be processed?
2. WIll my undertaking prove detrimental in future , if the PR is granted?

Sorry for a long post but I will be very thankful to all enlightened souls to guide me.
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Posted by susiserevina72 (1) 09 Nov 2017#4
Hi, I am an Indonesian and married to an Australian citizen. I have been living in Australia since 2011. I log in my Partner visa in Australia on 2014. During my visa in process i had a right to work full time and i had 3 different job to support my self and help my husband financially. We did ok. Then end of 2016 after waiting for my visa they refuse me because my health didn't meet the criteria. In 2014 I was diagnosed HIV positive in Australia and I received treatment and my condition is undetectable since then. I have been through AAT they still reject me because my treatment is going to cost the government $500.000 over 30 years. I had been working and paying tax since i got my work right in Australia (2014) and I will always pay tax because I have a job. It didn't count for the AAT. Me and my husband are working class people and my husband tax payer for 30 years with no child and no support at all from the government. Now i have to leave my husband and live separate. I reapply again for Health Waiver to get my PR. I left Australia in June 2017. My questions:
1. Is any suggestion what should we do to get the health waiver?
2. Does my husband have a right to live with his wife in his own country?
3. What are the chances my PR will be processed?

It’s been very hard for us have to live our life separated. For my husband move to indonesia is not that easy because he never allowed to work unless he can get sponsor for work. He only allowed to stay whenever he want without work under my sponsor.
Thank you
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Posted by gceb2imar2009 (12) 08 Feb 2018#5

Sorry for my ignorance, but I am new to Australia immigration process and a little confused with all the options to be considered. (Frankly, it is little confusing for me).

Can you somone please, explain in high level, how the australia PR works for skilled migration.

Also, can you suggest, which option is best for my situation as per the below detail :

Country of Citizenship : India
Age : 38
Work Experience : 15 Years as Oracle DBA (India & USA)
-- Let me know, if you need any other detail .
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