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Member Profile: kukumjacka (39 posts)

Hello, I'm kukumjacka (report this user)
I am from Unknown
I last logged in on 26 Mar 2018
I have been a member since 22 Mar 2013
I have added 39 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 26 Mar 2018
kukumjacka's Immigration Cases
I-131 case: Approved in 102 days (40 days more than average)   (0 comments)
User: kukumjacka Nationality: Unknown
Service Center:NebraskaUSCIS District Office:
Filing Method:paper-basedApplication Filed:14 Nov 2016
USCIS Received Date:15 Nov 2016USCIS Notice Date:07 Dec 2016
USCIS Receipt Number:RFE Received?:no
RFE Received Date:Reason for RFE:
RFE Replied Date:Application Status:approved
Approval/Denial Date:24 Feb 2017AP Received:03 Mar 2017
Total Processing Time:102 daysMost Recent LUD:
Days Elapsed:
Case Added to Tracker: 03 Jan 2017 Last Updated: 31 Mar 2017
Notes: Biometrics appt was Dec 24. Did walk-in on Dec 23. Case approved after expedite request and persistent calling and visits to SF field office. Yet to receive RTD. received on March 3rd.

US Citizenship case:   (6 comments)
User: kukumjacka Nationality: Unknown
Service Center:PhoenixApplication Filed:06 Mar 2017
Priority Date:Check Cashed:13 Mar 2017
NOA Received (I-797C):USCIS Received Date:
Fingerprint Notice Received:20 Mar 2017Fingerprints Done:30 Mar 2017
Interview Letter Received:18 Sep 2017Interview Date:18 Oct 2017
Oath Letter Received:13 Nov 2017Oath Date:07 Dec 2017
USCIS District Office:San Francisco, CAU.S. Passport Applied Date:23 Dec 2017
U.S. Passport Received:06 Jan 2018Total Processing Time:
Days Elapsed:414 days
Case Added to Tracker: 31 Mar 2017 Last Updated: 10 Jan 2018
Notes: NBC* 05/05-in line for interview 09/18-rec interview letter 10/18-interview 11/06-in line for oath 11/07-oath scheduled 11/13-oath letter 12/07-oath - TAKEN 12/23-passport apply 01/06-passport came!
kukumjacka's Posts
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Posted in Concurrent I-130 / I-485 Forum on 26 Mar 2018
Topic: Concurrent filing I130/485 January 2018 - gather here

This is quite unbelievable but today, 3/26 wife got a letter in the mail asking us to appear for AOS interview at end of April. Yes, you read right, April 25 2018!

We're pretty much speechless.

No EAD AP combo card has come, we have made no expedite requests, no senator/congressman intervention, not even a change of status in both USCIS case status portals other than "Case received"

All I can says is "YEY!"
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Posted in Concurrent I-130 / I-485 Forum on 19 Mar 2018
Topic: Concurrent filing I130/485 January 2018 - gather here

Wow, just the two of us? There have to be more Jan filers. Come on... post.
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Posted in Concurrent I-130 / I-485 Forum on 14 Mar 2018
Topic: Concurrent filing I130/485 January 2018 - gather here

Filed for wife, Singapore citizen.

Jan 18 - mailed docs
Jan 19 - received by USCIS
Jan 27 - Biometrics appt received for Feb 16
Feb 09 - Biometrics done via walkin.

now we wait...
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Posted in Concurrent I-130 / I-485 Forum on 10 Jan 2018
Topic: How long can we stay out of US with Greencard

Damn, so much wrong information in these boards!!!

AP is for short temporary and often unexpected travel. Not for staying out for a long period of time.

To keep green card alive you need Reentry Permit. Same form, i131. Looks like a passport and it says Travel Document on top. Valid for 2 years, requires biometrics, costs some 300+ dollars. Apply, do biometrics and leave. When RP gets to your house, have someone ship it to you to wherever in the world you are. Reenter the US before Reentry Permit expires, which is again, 2 years from date of issue. Alternatively, you can wait to receive it, (3-4 months) then leave.

This will keep your green card alive. Keep in mind though, some of the time spent outside doesn't count as time spent as green card holder, that's why that person from Pakistan got denied citizenship.

1st and 2nd RP will be valid for 2 years each. 3rd and on, 1 year. Once it expires, it cannot be renewed. And if you do this a lot (stay out for the duration of the validity more than once) don't be surprised if your GC gets pulled at the POE and you get deported.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 10 Jan 2018
Topic: March 2017 filers

Got passport and passport card. The passport is the new design. Looks pretty cool. We were comparing it with my wife's Singapore passport and she got a little jealous. Lots of little features all over, security strips inside the pages, all pages have different backgrounds, very colorful, little tiny writing everywhere and the biometrics chip is in the back cover of the passport. Scanned it right away with an NFC passport reader, it works. Passport card is cute. Nice to have. No chip, only RFID antenna. It is essentially a glorified RFID building access card.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 10 Jan 2018
Topic: Green card for wife

It is upgradeable but I don't believe it is instant. I would think upgrading would add another month or so.... not to mention the time it would take for you to get the US passport. If you apply at the ceremony, they will take your naturalization certificate, your only proof of citizenship. It will be returned to you when you get your passport. I opted to wait, go home, make several copies, then apply at the post office.
I was on your boat earlier this year, so we opted to wait until I got my US passport, which I did, last Saturday, and then apply for the wife. So now we're in the process of putting all of her ducks (and docs) in a row.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 03 Jan 2018
Topic: March 2017 filers

My passport has been printed and on its way to me. Status changed today. Pretty damn fast, even with the two holidays within the timeframe. I applied at post office on Dec 23.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 26 Dec 2017
Topic: March 2017 filers

Applied for passport at post office on Sat, 12/23. Opted for expedited processing. Was able to get an appointment 2 days before through the USPS website. somewhat of a strange experience... I had to stand in line to mail something first, then after finishing my business I asked the lady where do I go for the passport application. She pointed me to the door next to her and asked me to knock. I knocked, no answer. Knocked again, no answer but heard a noise inside. At that point a few people are looking at me with strange eyes. A few seconds later, from the other side of the office, a guy comes out and announces my name. I acknowledged, he took me to a quiet spot then checked my documents. Since I needed to make a money order for the amount, he asked me to stand back in line then knock in his door (same door) afterwards. I did it, he then brought me inside the office, made me repeat my name, address and birthday, had me sign the application then asked me to swear that my name address and picture were the same as in the application. I said "Yes" then he says "you're done" at which point I wish him a merry christmas and walked out. Now the much much shorter (hopefully) waiting game begins.
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 19 Dec 2017
Topic: Civil Surgeon in Bay Area

Reviving this old thread to see if there is any new info. Need med exam for wife's AOS...
My buddy used to have a hookup at Overseas Medical Center in SF but that place has closed down. Looking for a new place.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 10 Dec 2017
Topic: San Francisco Field Office Filers

Oath taken!

Had prepared a bag to bring with me, GC, RP, RTD, passport application. Long shower, nice shave, white buttondown, black trousers black shoes and a blue sweater. Took Bart from N. Concord to 19 St.
Inside the theater was a mess. No one directing traffic, just a huge mess of what were supposed to be lines of people. Found a spot somewhere and walked slowly with the crowd until I got to the person checking appointment letters. Answered questions, signed appt letter and was assigned to sit in section 1. Before entering the theater hall my GC was collected and I completely forgot to hand in the RP and RTD. Shouldn't matter much anymore anyway. Someone showed me to my seat. Chit chat a little with the guy next to me, from Kenya. Ceremony began, passport office person spoke, then SSA person spoke then a few other speeches, then national anthem singing, then countries began to be called. I was dead last. They read countries names as they used to be, not what they are now, and Yugoslavia was dead last. Brits were the 4th largest group, then Philipinos then Indians then Mexicans in 1st place. As we're then standing, oath is read and repeated. Then a video of Trump... Half the room started booing as soon as he came on and continued to boo through most of his speech. The only comment I'd like to make on that is that new Americans are doing nothing more then exercising their 1st Amendment rights.
Pledge of Allegiance followed, then another passport related speech followed by passport oath being taken by the ones who intended to apply that day.
Certificates then began to be handed out. Got mine fairly quick and navigated through the mess of my fellow Americans out onto the street where I asked someone to take a picture of me with certificate, hopped on Bart and went home.

At home I did mostly American things. Played with my dogs, worked on my Ford truck and ordered a bunch of wings which I ate in front of the TV!

Call me a yank! I'm proud to be one!!!
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 10 Dec 2017
Topic: March 2017 filers

Took oath on the 7th. Didn't apply for passport yet. Will do it in the next few days in post office. But happy that all (almost) is done!
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 14 Nov 2017
Topic: From interview schedule to inline for oath in San Francisco

My interview was scheduled for Oct 18. Yesterday I received the letter for the oath, Dec 7. I suspect it's because there's a Thanksgiving in between...
This, of course, in SF FO.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 06 Nov 2017
Topic: Didnt receive Oath cermny letter after interview3 months befor

Had interview on Oct 18 and today my status changed to In Line for Oath. San Francisco FO here. Since SF does 2 oaths a month, I highly suspect I'll get mine this month... so December most likely is the time.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 19 Oct 2017
Topic: March 2017 filers

Had my interview yesterday OCt 18, in San Francisco FO. Read about it in this thread, post 41.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 19 Oct 2017
Topic: San Francisco Field Office Filers

I had my interview yesterday Oct 18. In and out. No issues.

The officer was a very nice guy but he was in a bit of a hurry. He went through the whole application, I gave him the info on my wife since I wasn't married when I filed, he asked about jobs, added my new job in there as well and the new travel abroad dates since the submission.
Because I was an asylee, there was a slight discrepancy in the matter of "have you ever been in deportation proceedings" but he cleared it up himself by saying that the issue was already handled during the asylum case so it isn't relevant anymore. And being that he had been around a long time, he knew about the particulars of my former country.

Rushed through the quiz, in fact it was so quick that I only remember two questions: date of constitution and ocean on the east coast. Questions were printed out in a piece of paper in front of him. Made me read a sentence, made me write a sentence, gave me the "recommended for approval" letter and shook my hand on the way out. All in all a pleasant experience. He even shared stories about his days as a immigration officer on cruise ships. And of course the topic de jour, the smoke in the air.

I of course showed him CA DL, GC, my 2 most recent reentry permits and my global entry card. He was somewhat curious about GE since he hadn't seen it before. Asked me to bring the GC and RPs to the oath ceremony where they would be taken from me.
He had a thick file with all my stuff, but never asked for taxes or anything else I brought.

In all honesty I truly enjoyed my interview with him, and if I ever run into him in the outside world I would love to buy him a beer and just chit chat.

You're luckier if your appointment is in the morning. The security downstairs had no line, at about 8:30 AM, with the exception of this lady whose purse went twice in the scanner and the entire contents dumped out.And it was full! By the time I was done and walked back downstairs, there was a line, about 10 people or so. This was around 10 AM.
Be courteous.Of course it goes without saying but some people need reminders...
Be polite. These guys have difficult jobs. Towards the end of the day they're wiped, just like you and I are after our workday, and probably moreso for them.
If you're like me, who carries a personal phone, a work phone and a tablet, do yourself and the officer a favor. Turn stuff off. He asked me to turn everything off before we went in the room, in front of him. So here I am, turning off 3 devices which took a good minute. I'm sure he'd like to have that minute back.
Take care of your personal business before you go in. There are bathrooms in the waiting room, but I don't think they will wait for you to finish. Or at the very least, ask someone to keep an ear out for your name and for a courtesy knock in the bathroom door.
They have a certain amount of people to see each day and they're trying to get through them all. If it happens to be that they're stuck for a while with someone, you'll have to wait longer and they will most likely breeze through the application. That being said, don't expect them to overlook stuff.
And of course, as it should always be the case, be yourself and be honest.

Now waiting for oath...
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 10 Oct 2017
Topic: Interesting observation

A bunch of cases updated in my app. My phone has been beeping non stop for the past 10 minutes telling me that my case has updated, and similar cases have updated as well. This is for citizenship cases. My i131 case still does not show.
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 02 Oct 2017
Topic: Interesting observation

It's been 2 weeks since I have the N400 interview letter, status online hasn't changed.
It's been 3 weeks since I have the I131 case number, yet USCIS Case Status page still says it doesn't recognize it as a valid case.
Something is royally screwed up, we just don't know what...
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 28 Sep 2017
Topic: Filers of USCIS District Office: San Francisco, CA

By the way... there is a thread already on SF FO...
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 26 Sep 2017
Topic: Interesting observation

I have 2 cases... N400 and I131. received appointment letter on N400 and acceptance letter for i131. Neither has any status change in USCIS, in fact the i131 comes up as "unknown case"

In addition, the USCIS APP in my Android can be set to get updates from similar cases as mine, and has not gotten any updates in nearly 2 weeks. Before, I was getting 5-7 updates a day...
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Posted in N-400 (Naturalization) Forum on 25 Sep 2017
Topic: March 2017 filers

Still my case shows "in line" with no changes.
A few weeks ago I also put in for a Reentry Permit since I have a trip coming up and I wasn't sure when the N400 was coming through, and though I received the letter with the case number over 7 days ago, in USCIS system that number shows as "unknown"

I don't know what's going on...
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