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Discuss I-485 case

I-485 case: Pending for 181 days (483 days less than average)  (Report this case)
User: brightfalcon Nationality: Canada
Country of Chargeability:IranApplicant Type:primary
Service Center:NebraskaCategory:EB2
Priority Date:26 Apr 2017Application Filed:25 Jul 2017
USCIS Received Date:26 Jul 2017USCIS Notice Date:
USCIS Receipt Number:I-140/485 Filing:concurrent
I-140 Processing Type:premiumI-140 Approval Date:01 Aug 2017
First Fingerprint Date:31 Aug 2017Second Fingerprint Date:
RFE Received?:RFE Received Date:
Reason for RFE:RFE Replied Date:
Case Transferred to:NBCTransfer Date:20 Dec 2017
Name Check Status:Name Check Approval Date:
I-485 Status:pendingI-485 Approval/Denial Date:
Card Production Ordered:Card Received Date:
EAD Applied?:yesAP Applied?:yes
EAD Approval Date:27 Oct 2017AP Approval Date:27 Oct 2017
EAD Received:02 Nov 2017AP Received:02 Nov 2017
Time to Get EAD Approval:94 daysTime to Get AP Approval:94 days
Time to Get Fingerprinting Done:37 daysTotal Time to Get GC:
Most Recent LUD:Days Elapsed:181 days
Case Added to Tracker: 13 Jan 2018 Last Updated: 13 Jan 2018

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Users currently watching this case: Mooree63, brightfalcon, arn47, samt, gogreen2018
 Posted by Mooree63 on 16 Jan 2018
hi! our cases are very similar... my case has not been transferred to NBC as of now and my lawyer doesnt give me straight answers if thats the absolute next step. Any interview notice for you?
 Posted by brightfalcon on 17 Jan 2018
Hi, No interview notice yet for me either. About transferring to NBC, nobody is sure what the reason is. Some people say it is for scheduling the interview, but it was mentioned in the transfer notice because of load balancing between centers.

I see on your case that you got EAD but no AP. Are you sure? They are sending one combined card only which on top says EAD but at the bottom says can be used as AP too.
 Posted by Mooree63 on 17 Jan 2018
I see, my lawyer said an interview is not necessarily needed on very case. Its all the waiting game.
Yes I have received a combo card but my AP case did not reflect that on the UCSIS site.
 Posted by brightfalcon on 17 Jan 2018
Technically your EAD/AP is approved the same day that combo card was issued but they didn't update the AP case.
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