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Discuss US Citizenship case

US Citizenship case:   (Report this case)
User: yplust Nationality: India
Service Center:DallasApplication Filed:05 Jan 2018
Priority Date:05 Jan 2018Check Cashed:05 Jan 2018
NOA Received (I-797C):06 Jan 2018USCIS Received Date:05 Jan 2018
Fingerprint Notice Received:12 Jan 2018Fingerprints Done:02 Feb 2018
Interview Letter Received:12 Feb 2018Interview Date:22 Mar 2018
Oath Letter Received:22 Mar 2018Oath Date:22 Mar 2018
USCIS District Office:Newark, NJU.S. Passport Applied Date:11 Apr 2018
U.S. Passport Received:23 Apr 2018Total Processing Time:76 days
Days Elapsed:109 days
Case Added to Tracker: 06 Jan 2018 Last Updated: 3 hours 20 minutes ago
Notes: Received Passport (Apr 23, 2018) Applied for Passport (Apr 11, 2018) Approved in Interview/Attended Oath (Mar 22, 2018) Completed Biometrics (Feb 02, 2018) Filed Online (Jan 05, 2018)
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 Posted by lagflag on 22 Feb 2018
So you are saying you filed 05 Jan 2018 and have an interview date this March (2 months only duration for the whole process)?!
Are you sure about the dates?!!
 Posted by yplust on 22 Feb 2018
That's right - I couldn't believe it either & thought it was some glitch, till I rec'd the interview letter in mail. Like everyone from this FO, wasn't expecting any progress until Dec '18 (estimated case completion time).
 Posted by lagflag on 22 Feb 2018
Oh congrats! that is really quick!! it gives me hopes.. I applied 11/2017 and still waiting!
estimated time on their website when i log in is Oct 2018 :( :(
 Posted by lagflag on 22 Feb 2018
You said you applied online, was this something new? You didn't have to mail the forms?
 Posted by yplust on 22 Feb 2018
Correct, you can file N-400 online on USCIS website after registration - think it was rolled out in 2017.

Nope, everything online; fill form, upload supporting documents, pay fees etc.
 Posted by jetsetboi on 24 Feb 2018
That's excellent man. Congrats on the super fast update. Keep us posted please, and good luck on the interview!
 Posted by jetsetboi on 24 Feb 2018
Can I ask you where you live? Because it says Dallas service center, but the Newark NJ district office? I am trying to figure out what office is processing my case. Mine says National Benefits Center, but I live in Chicago, and if you go online there's no timing estimation for National Benefits Center for N400.
 Posted by yplust on 24 Feb 2018
Based in NJ, so DO/FO is Newark - Actually I just checked, mine is NBC too (filed online).
 Posted by Texans on 23 Mar 2018
As of February 23, 2018, we are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.My status does not change you think I have to worry
 Posted by n4002017 on 09 Apr 2018
Congrats - how long did you work with your employer after GC and did the officer ask about it?
 Posted by yplust on 11 Apr 2018
Think less than an year - Nope, just about the current job/employer.
 Posted by CNKumar on 24 Apr 2018
@yplust ,
Congratulations. One quick question, did you apply for Expedite US Passport or Routine?
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