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OPT case: Approved in 101 days (29 days more than average)  (Report this case)
User: stups14 Nationality: India
Job Offer in Hand While Applying?:noService Center:Potomac
Application Filed:13 Oct 2017Processing Type:regular
USCIS Received Date:16 Oct 2017RFE Received?:no
RFE Received Date:Reason for RFE:
RFE Replied Date:Application Status:approved
Approval/Denial Date:22 Jan 2018Card Ordered Date:
EAD Received:Total Processing Time:101 days
Days Elapsed:University:CUNY
Case Added to Tracker: 11 Jan 2018 Last Updated: 22 Jan 2018
Notes: Timeline 13th Oct 17- Mailed the documents 16th Oct 17- USCIS received 17th Jan 18- Filed an online SR 19th Jan 18- Received a reply saying the case is under review 22nd Jan 18- New card being ordered
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Users currently watching this case: mkamra, stups14, pbh66, kiranuv, Rajesh2309, schagar
 Posted by mkamra on 11 Jan 2018
HI, is it OPT extension or OPT, would you mind sharing receipt number? Thanks
 Posted by stups14 on 11 Jan 2018
@mkamra This is first time application for OPT, not an extension. I see that many applications from 16th Oct are still pending. I plan to create a service request on 16th Jan.
 Posted by pbh66 on 17 Jan 2018
Same here, my application was received on OCT 16 and still is pending.
 Posted by kiranuv on 18 Jan 2018
My application was received in the 19th of October and it’s still pending.. I raised a request but received a reply saying allow time for processing.
 Posted by pbh66 on 18 Jan 2018
Hey, did you hear back from them after your e-request you made yesterday?
 Posted by stups14 on 18 Jan 2018
@pbh66 I just received an acknowledgment email saying this is your service request number and we will reply to you by Jan 29th.
 Posted by pbh66 on 19 Jan 2018
Almost all people within our time frame have already got the approval. I have no idea why our cases are any different.
 Posted by stups14 on 19 Jan 2018
@pbh66 - I checked the status of +/- 50 receipts within my receipt number and all the cases are approved except the ones received on 16th Oct. I found 14 cases from 16th Oct that are still pending.
 Posted by pbh66 on 19 Jan 2018
I raised one SR on Jan 2nd got a response two days after that I should get a decision in 30 days. Yesterday, my DSO emailed them and today they sent the same response within 30 days! I guess that's why raising multiple SRs does not help. Are you also from engineering/STEM program?
 Posted by stups14 on 19 Jan 2018
@pbh66 - Yes, Engineering degree. What did the first email say though? Did it say "in line to be reviewed by an officer" or "under review with an officer", if it says its under review, they have assigned an officer and should not take more than 2-3 days for approval? If it says "in line to be reviewed" then it can take any amount of time.
 Posted by pbh66 on 19 Jan 2018
Both emails say under review by an officer.
 Posted by mkamra on 19 Jan 2018
@stups14, are you sure about the information, that when they say under review by an officer, it wont take much time?
 Posted by kiranuv on 19 Jan 2018
My service request still says in line to be reviewed.
 Posted by stups14 on 19 Jan 2018
@mkamra - That is what I read on several blogs. You also can not expedite once it says "under review by an officer", you are at the mercy of the officer to take a look at your application. If it says "in line to be reviewed" then you can submit an expedite request. But as we saw, there is no definite pattern, it appears to be random.
 Posted by pbh66 on 19 Jan 2018
maybe there is a pattern, engineering or STEM, school, received dates.
 Posted by mkamra on 19 Jan 2018
@stups14, thanks for the information, really appreciate it. Good luck with EAD card. Thanks
 Posted by mkamra on 19 Jan 2018
@ stups14, I have one more question, if you wont mind sharing some information if you have. Does status also change on Saturday? Thanks
 Posted by stups14 on 19 Jan 2018
@mkamra - I do not think they work on weekends. I am also afraid if they don't work on Monday due to the government shut down.
 Posted by mkamra on 19 Jan 2018
@stups14, yes me too scared, hope for the best.
 Posted by mkamra on 19 Jan 2018
@stups14, Whats your OPT start date?
 Posted by pbh66 on 19 Jan 2018
@stups14, yes USCIS staff won't be working if shut down happens. When is your start date? I had requested for Jan 8.
 Posted by stups14 on 20 Jan 2018
@mkamra and @pbh66 - My start date was 8th Jan 2018
 Posted by stups14 on 21 Jan 2018
Just checked USCIS website, it says the government shutdown won't affect them and the fee-based applications will continue as usual.
 Posted by pbh66 on 21 Jan 2018
Thank you, at least some good news. Hopefully we will all get it this week
 Posted by stups14 on 22 Jan 2018
@pbh66 & mkamra - Status just changed to New card is being ordered. I saw one more application from 16th Oct got approved today. I hope you guys get the approval soon.
 Posted by mkamra on 22 Jan 2018
Hi Stups14, Congrats. Happy for you. when did your status got changed? early morning like 9-9:30 or just now?
 Posted by pbh66 on 22 Jan 2018
Congrats stups14! Hope you'll receive the card soon. I am still waiting ... BTW, what is the range of your receipt number if you don't mind sharing, thank you.
 Posted by stups14 on 22 Jan 2018
@mkamra- The status changed somewhere between 10.40 am to 11.30 am.
@pbh66 - My range is YSC1890014901 to YSC1890015000.
Hope you guys get an update soon.
 Posted by mkamra on 22 Jan 2018
Thanks stups14 for your help. Mine also got approved half an hour back.
 Posted by stups14 on 22 Jan 2018
Congratulations, mkamra! pbh66, hope you get it soon too.
 Posted by pbh66 on 22 Jan 2018
Congrats guys! Thank you @stups14! My receipt range is YSC1890014601 to YSC1890014900 still my status is case was received. Hopefully, I'll get my approval soon, too. Good luck.
 Posted by Rajesh2309 on 23 Jan 2018
Hi everyone, what did you do for the service request, was it e-request or on call? What do you recommend?
 Posted by stups14 on 23 Jan 2018
@Rajesh - I did online. Over the phone, there is a possibility of error in providing all the information. I like to see all the information before submitting and wanted to make sure they have the right email ID and address, hence I chose online.
 Posted by mkamra on 23 Jan 2018
hi stups14, have your status changed to "Card mailed", please update when it changes. Thanks
 Posted by mkamra on 26 Jan 2018
Hi Stups14, have you got your EAD card by post? Thanks Please reply
 Posted by stups14 on 26 Jan 2018
Hi mkamra- Not yet. I am receiving the notice of approval today from VA via First Class mail and the card tomorrow from Corbin, KY via Priority Mail. Thanks to USPS Informed Delivery. They sent me pictures of the mails.
 Posted by mkamra on 26 Jan 2018
How did you get these information, do you have tracking number, from where i can get. please reply thanks
 Posted by stups14 on 26 Jan 2018
Just sign up here with your address

USCIS did not give me any tracking number, but USPS automatically sends you a tracking number once they receive a mail or shipment with your address on it.
 Posted by mkamra on 26 Jan 2018
I have made an account and are you getting this information on informed delivery(under track and manage) ? I am not getting anything. Thanks
 Posted by stups14 on 26 Jan 2018
It takes 3 days for processing. You may not see anything today. You will receive an email each morning between 8 am to 9 am if any new mail is coming to you. No action needed from your side once you enroll. I am sure you will get the card soon.
 Posted by mkamra on 26 Jan 2018
Okay so you mean, once we enroll, it takes three days for them to process my address and then i can see if anything is coming to my address? Is that what you mean? I am so scared?
 Posted by stups14 on 26 Jan 2018
@mkamra - Yes, takes them 3 days to process your address and start sending notifications. Do not worry, once the card is mailed. you will get it soon. Yours was approved on the same, probably you will also get the notice today and the card tomorrow. Good luck.
 Posted by mkamra on 26 Jan 2018
Thanks for your wishes. wish you good luck too. :-)
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